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The SolTec®Lounge: Provides a unique healing experience to your clients that will set you apart from your peers!

Integrate the SolTec Lounge into your client’s weekly routine and see your business grow. When used in combination with yoga, massage therapy, or an overall wellness program, the SolTec Lounge for induced meditation will help your clients realize their aspirations and achieve amazing health benefits…quicker and with little effort. All without the need for extra personnel.

Program Highlights

  • Social media advertising that generates leads for your site
  • Local PR that brings visits to your center
  • Full support and training from SolTec Lifelong Learning experts
  • Free Listing on SolTec Health website for added exposure
  • Purchase SPIFFS and exclusive pricing
Stress related illnesses affect the majority of patients. Musically derived synchronized sound, vibration and magnetic stimulation, on a routine basis, ameliorates stress and dramatically improves quality of life. This therapy is applicable to most if not all of your clients.

Enjoy superb client feedback and positive cash flow in 60 days or less!

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