I guess the simple answer is yes. I think we all realize that we often tell half-truths or alternatively, half-lies. Lies come in all forms. There are the outright falsehoods or boldface lies that are the opposite of the truth and you know it when you say it. On the other end of the spectrum are lies of omission, when we remain silent and don’t correct a lie that exists before us. In truth, there’s really no difference between these examples.

What happens when lies and the truth intermingle in our energy system? Energetic representations of lies create blockages and contortions in our energy field that disrupts normal energy flow. On the other hand, when more of our spiritual energy is grounded throughout our physical and energetic bodies, energetic flow is enhanced. At some point, when increased flow is forced through a distorted energy system, something’s got to give. This circumstance typically forces the lie to the surface and we become consciously aware of it. If the lie also has strong emotional content associated with it, which it often does, then those emotions also rise to the surface and express themselves.

The more the lie disrupts our energy system, the more likely it is to rise to the surface. I see this regularly with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and chronic pain. You’re probably saying to yourself, wait a minute, these are medical conditions, not lies. Sure they are medical conditions, but the lies associated with these states are plentiful and very substantial. Lies are nothing more than thought forms that are not the truth. As such, our thoughts associated with fear (of which there are many regarding these two conditions), are lies. If you take the time and drill down into each of these associated thoughts from a higher perspective I think you will agree with me. On the other hand, if you only view them from an ego-identified perspective then you won’t. However, most of what our ego conjures up are lies, so beware.

In our research with technology-induced meditation, which also induces very significant spiritual grounding, these lies are forced to the surface very quickly. We’ve found this very helpful in identifying these issues. We’ve also learned that as a person develops more advanced states of spiritual grounding associated with higher frequency spiritual energy (from the spirit or Hara line), deeper lies begin to emerge.

These deeper lies are by no means more sinister and many people wouldn’t even consider them lies. What I am calling deeper lies, most people would call beliefs. Again, if you take the time to inspect your beliefs from a higher perspective, I think you will find that many if not most of them are also not the truth. Yet from an ego-identified perspective, they seem vital our sense of self and we defend them, sometimes as though our lives depended on them – another lie.

It’s no wonder that with all of the lies and beliefs that we hold within, we have difficulty maintaining a spiritually grounded state of being. After all, who wants to deal with all of this at a conscious level? In truth, most people don’t want to, but if you really wish to express your authentic self, it’s time to allow your lies and beliefs to move away. That’s the only way to experience the truth of what we are. Please let them go and make your world and mine a better place.

With my deepest hopes and intentions,