This technology is not a medical device and its use is not intended as a medical treatment. – If you have a pacemaker consult your physician before use as the technology produces vibration, which can affect the action of some pacemakers. – Also recognize that this technology is new and may have effects that are currently unknown to us.

Soltec Lounge Specifications:

Footprint                               50 to 60 inches long (adjustable) by 20 inches wide
Contoured length                 Approximately 6 feet
Weight                                   Approximately 80 pounds fully assembled
Vinyl pad cover                     Washable with mild soap and water

Embedded 3 channel amplifier with additional headphone channel

Amplification                           2 x 75 watt plus 1 x 150 watt channels

Variable gain adjust                 2 x unity (adjustable for music source device)

Headphone output jack           Independent adjustable volume control

Music input jack                      Stereo mini plug (input cables supplied)

Power switch                          On / Off rocker switch with LED indicator for power on

Power  supply  

Universal AC input / Full range

3 pole AC inlet IEC320-C14

Approvals: UL / CUL / TUV / BSMI / CB / FCC / CE

Meet EISA 2007 (Energy Independence and Security Act)

Rated Power 90W, DC Voltage 24V, Rated Current 3.75A

Voltage Range 90 ~ 264VAC

LED indicator for power on

Headphones not supplied

Smartphone, CD or MP3 player with adjustable volume control required (not supplied) – see Operating Instructions.

IMPORTANT: Switch Smartphones to Airplane Mode during sessions.

Connect up to ten lounges with the Distribution Amp.

SolTec Warranty

SolTec Manual

Derive the Benefits of Meditation

The research tells a very compelling story, meditation is good for you. However, not everyone has an easy time meditating. In fact, most people find it difficult to meditate and, therefore, will never know the benefits meditation can provide. The SolTec Lounge makes meditation easy. Simply stated, the SolTec Lounge allows you to meditate by reducing mind chatter and calming the mind and body. Join a community of SolTec Lounge owners who have found an easier path to meditation. Order your Lounge today!