The Effectiveness of Meditation for Health Related Conditions


During the past 50 years there has been a growing interest in meditation and the resultant medical benefits. Meditation has been shown to reduce physical, emotional and mental stress and stress-related hormones, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve sleep and brain function, as well as having anti-aging effects. As a result, meditation is a practice that many physicians prescribe, because in addition to these benefits there don’t appear to be any negative side effects. It’s better than a drug, as it’s both effective and safe.

Read about Meditation for these conditions…

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

A 2012 review demonstrated the effectiveness of meditation therapies in reducing anxiety symptoms.

Mindfulness meditation programs showed evidence to improve anxiety, depression and pain.


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Blood Pressure

Meditation decreased blood pressure in association with decreased psychological distress, and increased coping in young adults at risk for hypertension.

Breathing awareness meditation produced a greater decrease in 24-hour systolic blood pressure compared with the other treatments and a decrease in diastolic blood pressure compared with life skills training.

Sleep and Insomnia

Mindfulness meditation appears to be a viable treatment option for adults with chronic insomnia and could provide an alternative to traditional treatments for insomnia.

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Creativity and The Brain

Meditation Improves Creativity and Brain Function

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Other Meditation Benefits

Adults who participated in an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program found that changes in spirituality were associated with better mental health and quality of life.

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A 2014 research review suggested that mind and body practices, including meditation, reduce chemical identifiers of inflammation and show promise in helping to regulate the immune system.

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Meditation-based programs may be helpful in reducing common menopausal symptoms, including the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, sleep and mood disturbances, stress, and muscle and joint pain.

Derive the Benefits of Meditation

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