Meditation has Profound Health Benefits

Studies have shown that meditation is beneficial to one’s health.

Induced Meditation with the SolTec® Lounge is effortless.

Do You Have Difficulty Meditating?

Whether you are your own best guru or feel as though you’ve still got a long way to go in your meditative practice, Induced Meditation is something worth looking into.

Do You Experience Stress or Anxiety?

Quiet Your Mind

Research Suggests that Meditation can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Meditation Promotes Creativity

“meditation encourages divergent thinking…, a key component of creativity.” Emma Seppala, Ph.D.

Do You Find it Difficult to Meditate?

Induced Meditation is right for you!

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Quiet Your Mind

Research Suggests that Meditation can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Achieve Clarity of Thought

Can Meditation Enhance Creativity and Productivity?

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The SolTec®Lounge

Enjoy the comfort of this zero gravity recliner as you relax into its “weightless” design. Allow the layered music to induce a deep meditative state as the vibrations integrate with the feeling nature of your body. Tune out the mind chatter as our patented technology enables you to tune into your body’s own energy. Establish a connection to the energy that is all around, as you learn to awaken the light within you.

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The SolTec Lounge is an Experience

See what people share with us about theirs!

“I am a Type-A personality with a dose of skepticism. My mind is always racing, I’m always thinking of what I need to do next and my ‘To-Do’ list is never ending. Like a lot of other people, it’s hard for me to take some time for me. Even as the SolTec Lounge was being explained, my mind was on other things I needed to get done! Then it was my turn. I couldn’t believe I was able to get so comfortable; the music and sounds, vibrations and magnetic therapies lulled me into such a state of relaxation. I went to sleep. To say I was amazed is an understatement. My recommendation is a simple one: The SolTec Lounge works!”

Cathi Herzog

Training Coordinator, The Phytomer Group

“Dr. Dan,

I wanted to tell you about my experience in the SolTec Lounge. It’s funny because I didn’t expect it. I have been an avid yoga practitioner ever since my wife turned me on to it. I went from a novice who couldn’t sit with his legs crossed to balancing my knees on my forearms and doing backbends like a pro. The kids and the cats even crawl under me. This was not the biggest change I experienced from yoga, however. I learned to be in the moment in a way I had never done before which made meditation easier than I found it to be before yoga.


Well, yoga certainly put me in the right physical state to meditate, but the mental state wasn’t always in line and I would often find myself thinking about work or the family instead of allowing myself to just be, until I experienced the SolTec Lounge. The very first time I tried it I felt like my legs were wings. They were tingling and my whole body felt energized. The second time I tried it I nearly fell asleep only to come out of a deep meditative state nearly an hour later. I was using your 50 minute CD. The music is not what I expected, but it totally did the trick, nearly lulling me to sleep but keeping me right on the edge, then waking me from my meditative state at the end of the CD. I’m so glad I discovered the Lounge!


Designer, Freelance

“The Soltec Lounge is an innovative, simple to use, and profoundly effective tool for cultivating greater well-being on all levels – mental, physical and spiritual. I use my lounge 3-4 times per week, and every time, I “come out” of the experience relaxed, refreshed and remarkably centered. In my experience, the lounge delivers all the benefits of meditation plus a deep power nap in just one session; and the more I use it, the better I feel. If you are looking for a way to reliably improve the well-being of yourself, your team or your customers, try the Soltec Lounge – you will be positively hooked!”

Linda Saggau

C-Founder, Experience Happiness

I was introduced to the SolTec chair through Wendy Ruhnke in Duluth, MN. Having been on a spiritual path & bringing this path of spirituality & healing into my art & instruction career, it would have been of interest to me anyway. Because I had a life interruption when badly injured 8 years ago, I have looked at most anything that might improve any number of life areas as my recovery has been slow. In looking at the SolTec & talking with Wendy of benefits & experiences, thought it would be worth the try, if even to get my stress level down a bit. Was I ever happy I did!


The chair itself is designed to fit any body. I am not very tall & sometimes feel awkward in furniture that isn’t built for someone my size. The SolTec fit just right, perfectly factoring in our innumerable heights & body sizes. I also use hearing aids. For this reason & on Wendy’s suggestion, I used headphones as to not leave out any of the sound layers. I thought this insight was a good adaptation. Once situated in the SolTec chair, the music layering began. I enjoyed picking through the various sound tracks &, having a curious & somewhat stubborn brain, was inclined to keep these separated. Once the pulsing of the chair started, this was impossible to continue. I let my body relax into the experience & that was the point in which I lost my concrete cognitive awareness. When gently regaining my bearings at sessions end, it was obvious things were different from perspective of both body & mind. I was very relaxed, no stiffness whatsoever despite the time in the SolTec chair. When I arose, I felt very grounded, not heavy, but could really feel the presence of being in my body, a different awareness. My mind had dropped the inner chatter that it often has. I needed some time to reorient myself, again talking with Wendy a bit, & noting the changes in both mind & body as she showed me some information as to benefits over time. It was really quite impressive. When I left the session, I took more information regarding the chair, benefits, technical explanation & such. The feeling in both body & mind had effects for over a week, even after a single session. I would call it more relaxed, organized, mindful, a clarity that had been on hold for quite some time. My body was very present, comfortable & calmer than it had been. I highly recommend the experience & do intend to schedule more sessions as the benefits build over repetition. It’s definitely an experience like no other I’ve ever experienced. Hope this helps those who are thinking about trying the SolTec chair.

Sharon Rogers

Duluth, Minnesota

Derive the Benefits of Meditation

The research tells a very compelling story, meditation is good for you. However, not everyone has an easy time meditating. In fact, most people find it difficult to meditate and, therefore, will never know the benefits meditation can provide. The SolTec Lounge makes meditation easy. Simply stated, the SolTec Lounge allows you to meditate by reducing mind chatter and calming the mind and body. Join a community of SolTec Lounge owners who have found an easier path to meditation. Order your Lounge today!

Meditation and Creativity, Are They Synonymous?

Meditation and creativity to some seem like divergent concepts, while for others, creativity is a natural outcome of meditation. In fact, the more I live and function in a meditative state, the more I realize that meditation and creativity are one and the same. To...

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SolTec Lounge Music | Instructions

User Instructions   Operating Instructions   SolTec Multi-Layered Music 50 Minute Session 30 Minute Session 25 Minute Session 52 - minute theme track, Lower Chakra Meditation by M. Lawrence copyright 2013, 2014 Gregorian Chant Mass selections: Public Domain...

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