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Whether you are your own best guru or feel as though you’ve still got a long way to go in your meditative practice, induced meditation is something worth looking into. Or, if you just can’t seem to meditate no matter how hard you try, Induced Meditation requires no effort on your part.

By answering a few simple questions, you can discover how the SolTec Lounge with Neuro Energetic Integration Technology may benefit you.

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Induced Meditation is a form of meditation unto itself and can also be used to deepen any meditative practice. Induced Meditation was developed to help people (including myself) reliably achieve deep, meaningful meditative states much more quickly.

It does so by:

  1. quieting the brain thru habituation / inhibition of the brain’s vigilance mechanism (switching off the ego / lower mind to quiet the mind)
  2. directly stimulating greater presence of the higher mind or spiritual self (magnetically stimulating the human energy system).

You Answered Maybe

You’re more open-minded than I was twenty years ago when I started this project. I didn’t think it would happen. After we perfected the technology I was simply amazed at how quickly (typically about 10 minutes) most people entered a meditative state, even during their first session. Of note, some practiced meditators who rely on their induction technique don’t do as well, until they give up their routine, which is why we recommend our simple instructions versus their induction routines

The likelihood of technology inducing a meditative state is no different than music changing the way you feel

As a Neurologist, I, like many people, have come to think of the brain as a very sophisticated, organic computer that can receive input from our environment, as well as from our higher or spiritual self. Just like any commercial computer, it processes information and generates output. All the while, the brain, exists in a more active or quiet state of functioning depending upon the amount of processing it is doing.

Meditative states have been shown, using EEG and other functional neuro-imaging technologies, to cause the brain to be in a state of quiet functioning. In that state it is resting and receptive.

The SolTec™ Lounge affects the brain by providing music and vibrational inputs that quiet key brain centers. Even more importantly, the SolTec Lounge stimulates input from our higher or spiritual self, using magnetic stimulation, resulting in the changes illustrated below. Together, these influences INDUCE a brain and energetic / spiritual state that is deeply meditative.

During the past 20 years we have worked with three very gifted observers who have witnessed the changes illustrated above in people using the technology in the SolTec Lounge.