My name is Dan Cohen, MD. The transition seen above is me, as witnessed (very often) by 3 independent, gifted observers over several years, while using the SolTec Lounge. We have been refining this technology during the past 20 years to create these changes in users because these changes are accompanied by meaningful and observable positive effects; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The SolTec™ Lounge is a very comfortable seating platform that uses multi-layered music to provide synchronized sound, vibration and magnetic field therapy. It facilitates the development of profoundly deep meditative states very quickly. More importantly, the energetic changes are facilitated by the transformative effects of SolTec Lounge technology.

Round River Research, Corp. (RRR) works with established Practitioners and business proprietors as referral sites for 2 reasons:

  1. To provide prospective purchasers of the SolTec™ Lounge an opportunity to experience a session prior to purchase and
  1. Many consumers would rather pay per use in a professional or business setting and RRR would like to make referrals to established practices and businesses for this purpose.

Referral sites can purchase one SolTec Lounge at a $1,200 discount (purchase price of $2,499 versus $3,700, which includes shipping costs) and receive a commission per unit sold, as per the terms and conditions listed in the contract. This can differentiate your business and become a nice source of cash flow. The option of leasing to own is also very cost-effective, making this an easy add to your business or practice.

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To learn more please review the Spiritual Progression Chart below or consider the book, Addicted To My Ego, by Dan Cohen, MD.

This book is all about the limitations we impose on ourselves by maintaining our ego and how to fix it in order to awaken to what we truly are. Our ego is simply a personal collection of beliefs adopted early in life to protect us from feeling unloved and unworthy. We created them to help us feel safe and secure. These beliefs spawn feelings and behaviors, which we call defense mechanisms or coping strategies. We each have become addicted to replaying these coping strategies whenever our beliefs are challenged. Employing these strategies and living defensively limits our happiness and masks our awareness of what we truly are. Of note, this addiction to one’s ego is the root of all addiction. This book helps the reader to understand and change these beliefs, many of which they have outgrown, and more importantly, to experience what the fear-based ego can never engender – love. Our willingness to give and receive unconditional love is our gateway to living authentically, fully present. Do you want to continue to live self-identified with your ego, or are you willing to move forward and awaken to what you truly are?

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