Meditation can Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression

In recent years there has been a steady stream of research showing the power of non-pharmacological alternatives such as meditation for the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression. Scientists, like Buddhist monks and Zen masters, have known for years that meditation can reduce anxiety. There are many forms of meditation, but most, if not all of them, are geared to quiet the mind. Profoundly deep states of meditation are achieved when your brain is asleep or switched off (the ego is then switched off too), while you are increasingly more consciously aware. The resulting state of profound relaxation naturally transitions into a deep meditative state as your conscious awareness expands, while your brain and ego remain switched off. In learning to meditate in this manner you maximize the associated health benefits as your body is, and you learn what it feels like to be, maximally relaxed without stress (lower levels of stress hormones, reduced or absent anxiety, etc.). For many people, this skill is never achieved and they stop, as they aren’t able to achieve a meaningful meditative state.

Numerous scientific studies have found meditation to be effective for treating anxiety. In 2012, a review demonstrated the effectiveness of meditation therapies in reducing anxiety symptoms.

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Another study focused on a range of anxiety conditions stemming from cancer, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and other psychiatric conditions and found that meditation was effective in improving anxiety and mood symptoms.

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In a 2017 randomized, controlled study, mindfulness meditation reduced symptoms in patients with a chronic or recurrent lifetime history of depression.

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Recently, scientists have succeeded in identifying the brain functions involved. Brain imaging has found that meditation-related anxiety relief is associated with activation of areas of the brain involved with executive function and the control of worrying. In one study, meditation-related activation of three brain regions was directly linked to anxiety relief.

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Derive the Benefits of Meditation

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