The SolTecTM Lounge – For a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

It profoundly relaxes your body, quiets your ego and enlivens your soul. It induces a deep meditative state with no user effort using synchronized music, vibration and magnetic fields.

How the SolTec Lounge affects your:

Physical Body

Profound physical relaxation is a luxury that few of us know how to achieve. You will likely experience this in your very first session. You don’t have to work at it to experience it. The technology in the SolTec Lounge induces this effect and you will love it, learn what it feels like and with repeated use, learn how to feel like this more and more of the time at an ever deeper level. This effect is even more remarkable after a workout, massage or chiropractic treatment.

Ego/Lower Mind

Stress results from our ego. When our coping strategies or defense mechanisms are triggered we experience negative emotions, become tense, worried or sad. Many of us live this way all the time or cycle through this process daily and spend the rest of the day fixated on our negative thoughts and feelings. These problems result from brain processes that can be put to rest. The SolTec Lounge acts on the brain to diffuse and lessen these processes. As a result, with regular use, stress plays less and less of a role in your life. You will begin to experience this change right away.

Higher Mind/Spiritual Self

We have discovered a way, with the technology in the SolTec Lounge, to simultaneously stimulate one’s spiritual self and nervous system resulting in greater integration between the two. The effects are subtle at first, but with regular use over time, you can experience yourself very differently. Very few people live life authentically. Very few people understand the difference between confidently knowing how to proceed in life versus trying to figure it out and stumbling along. With greater confidence and authenticity you can be what you hope for. Your dreams can manifest.

“We’ve been experimenting with this technology for 20 years and the impact of regular SolTec Lounge sessions is truly transformational.  This is not marketing hype or exaggerated promotional material. This technology is the real deal. As such, issues may be brought into your conscious awareness from within that may challenge you. Some old painful events and fears may reappear, because you haven’t effectively dealt with them in the past. It is important to allow all of those events and negative emotions to rise up and dissipate and if accompanied by tears, great, let them flow. As this repressed material is purged, you will feel much better. Learn to let it go. This is the key to transform from ego-based unhappiness and dissatisfaction to what we truly are. Enjoy the journey. We are.” ~ Dr. Dan