Many years after I completed my residency in Neurology I ran into my favorite professor who had recently retired. He asked what I was up to and I told him I was researching the effects of sound, vibration and magnetic fields on the brain and human energy system. I was surprised when he asked, “Does that cause out-of-body experiences?” I told him that in some instances it can, but that we teach people to stay in their bodies and better integrate their spiritual self with their physical body.

I was surprised that he even acknowledged out-of-body experience and asked, “What do you know of this phenomenon?” He informed me that he ran the narcolepsy support group. He would stand outside the doorway, out of view, and listen to the group of narcoleptics talk of their out-of-body experiences. Once he walked into the room, all such conversation would cease immediately. He had a friend that experienced them as well.

I asked, “Do you believe that these experiences are real and represent a person’s consciousness actually moving outside of their body?” He did. I was simultaneously delighted, disappointed and angry. I still viewed him as my professor, as I admired him immensely and so his belief fortified and validated my own belief. I was disappointed in that we had known each other for about 15 years and yet we never had discussed this very important phenomenon, as it represents a vital departure from our present-day thinking about the brain and consciousness, let alone our self-identity. And I was angry because he was in a position of great authority and could have made a significant impact on how many Neurologists view such an important topic and he didn’t.

I asked him why he didn’t discuss this topic when he was a professor of Neurology. His response was that he feared his colleagues would think less of him, as he had no proof of such phenomenon. Although we don’t have scientific proof, since we have no measurement tools that adequately measure the human energy or spiritual system, we do have many clinical reports and can have many more if we choose to question the millions of patients with narcolepsy. Still, he was unwilling to tarnish his excellent reputation.

In my opinion this is one of the most important topics that our society at large should be made aware of. Why? Because once we understand what we truly are, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) changes. Once we realize that there is no such thing as death, we begin to ask ourselves questions such as, why am I here and what is my purpose and we focus on more meaningful concerns? We lose our fear of death and end-of-life care becomes a celebration of our life and a passage to a more spiritual life. We also begin to see that all of life is energetically or spiritually connected. Imagine how much different our lives and our world would be if we all understood this phenomenon and its implications. Please spread the word.