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The research tells a very compelling story, meditation is good for you. However, not everyone has an easy time meditating. In fact, most people find it difficult to meditate and, therefore, will never know the benefits meditation can provide. The SolTec Lounge makes meditation easy. Simply stated, the SolTec Lounge allows you to meditate by reducing mind chatter and calming the mind and body. Join a community of SolTec Lounge owners who have found an easier path to meditation. Sign Up for FREE Demo today!

Induced Meditation with the SolTec Lounge Offers Profound Health Benefits

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Mindfulness meditation programs showed evidence to improve anxiety, depression and pain.

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Blood Pressure

Meditation decreased blood pressure in association with decreased psychological distress, and increased coping in young adults at risk for hypertension.

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Sleep and Insomnia

Mindfulness meditation appears to be a viable treatment option for adults with chronic insomnia and could provide an alternative to traditional treatments for insomnia.

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