At the end of Spiritual Grounding Part 2 I mentioned unconditional love. Isn’t giving and receiving unconditional love the goal of spiritual development? Actually it isn’t. Giving and receiving unconditional love is simply a byproduct of allowing the expression of that which we truly are, which is unconditional love. Where is that shown in our spiritual energy diagrams? It is expressed from the Spirit line (Sushumna or Hara line). So, the big question is, how do we magnify that in our spiritual development work? How do we manifest that which is shown in the rightmost depiction?

In other words, how do we magnify what we truly are? You may be asking, what this has to do with spiritual grounding, as our Spirit line is always within us. You would be right, as after all without it, life cannot exist. However, if you consider spiritual grounding to include grounding all of what spirit can be in life, which is what I believe spiritual seekers truly seek, let’s see how to proceed.

I believe that the rightmost depiction above is more in line with our natural state. If that is so, then it is always manifesting. We don’t actually need to manifest it or to magnify it. So, what stops us from expressing our energy system like that? If our Spirit line is already there, which it is, then why doesn’t it shine forth in this manner in all of us? The answer is simple – ego – however, solving this issue seems to be a rather large undertaking in these times. Although we will deal with ego in future posts quite extensively, for the moment one of the fastest way to progress is to surrender our egoic ways.

I wrote a book entitled, Addicted To My Ego. I chose that title because I realized that being addicted to my ego was no different than being addicted to drugs. Although I don’t have any personal experience with drug addiction, I have a close friend who does and who also has been a treatment counselor for many, many years. After lots of discussions and reading his writings and those of others, there doesn’t appear to be much difference between being addicted to drugs versus ego. In fact, upon deeper reflection it appears quite clear that drug addiction is simply another symptom of ego addiction. It’s just another way to temporarily feel good and escape the issues that the ego is fixated on.

The original founders of Alcoholics Anonymous recognized the importance of God in overcoming their addiction, which is really no different than overcoming one’s addiction to ego. The question is whether we must manifest Source to a greater extent in order to surrender our egoic tendencies or vice versa.

The key is in understanding that Source is already manifesting within us and that it is its expression that is masked by ego. The rightmost depiction above is our natural state that is always manifested, but is prevented to shine forth because ego is in the way. Ego manifests as energetic blocks that obscure greater spiritual expression. These energetic blocks are the lies we tell ourselves, which obscure the truth within us.

Whether one is addicted to drugs, alcohol or ego, one’s spiritual energy will express itself as shown on the far left. To assist in becoming more spiritually grounded consider asking Source within for help in surrendering your egoic tendencies. I begin every meditation session with that prayer and then I enjoy expressing and experiencing the unconditional love that is Source, which is always manifesting and ever present. It is always there for us to experience so please immerse yourself in what you already are.