80% of people are stressed!

80% of people are reporting at least one health symptom due to stress.

American Psychological Association poll, US – Feb, 2017

Stressed out people have a problem relaxing or meditating

Problem: People experiencing stress have a difficult time learning how to meditate or relax in order to reduce stress.

“If you give me 100 patients with stress, I can help about 5 of them after attempting to teach them how to meditate. I can help another 10 with biofeedback. 85 of them are left untreated.”

Physician in charge of the integrative medicine department at a world renowned medical clinic

Our Technology can help you to relax and meditate

Years of research and development are inside the SolTec Lounge. It isn’t just speakers in a chair!

We Induce relaxation → meditation

Solution: The relaxed or meditative state of being must be induced in those stressed so that they can experience and recognize what it feels like to be free of stress. Once they truly experience and consciously appreciate what a stress-free state of being feels like, they can reproduce it more easily for themselves.

It’s just like your brain’s on fire and our technology is a cool bath of water, refreshing and easing your mind.

Your brain is getting the better of you

How can a stress-free state of being be induced? What has to be done?

Problem: The egoic mind, with all of its fear-based thoughts, must be turned off. People that are stressed are either fixated (consciously and/or subconsciously) on fear-based thoughts related to their past or future worries.

Solution: The brain must be moved from beta/gamma activity to an alpha/theta brainwave state so that fear-based thoughts are silenced and the body/mind can truly relax

We can help your brain

The SolTec™ Lounge can quiet the brain to silence fear-based thoughts, using music, sound, vibration and magnetic fields.

The technology quiets your brain

How does the SolTec™ Lounge quiet the brain to silence fear-based thoughts?

Part 1: Sound and Vibration: Our vigilance mechanism, used to keep us safe, uses primarily our senses of sight, hearing and touch to scan for potential danger. The lounge provides constant, somewhat repetitive sound/music that they can both hear and feel. This habituates hearing and touch so that those two senses become inhibited. Sight has already been abolished by having eyes closed in a darkened room. The user is also instructed to fall asleep. This creates in a manner of minutes, a drowsy/drifty state of being, even sleep, as the vigilance circuitry in the brain is inhibited

You are drowsy but awake

How does the user stay awake?

Stimulating our senses of touch and hearing are the best way to arouse a person from sleep. The intensity/volume of the music changes often enough so the level of sound and vibration transforms sleep into a drowsy/drifty state of consciousness.

Experience a greater presence and more feeling

Part 2: The effect of magnetic fields.

Magnetic field stimulation is used to enhance the user’s feeling nature and sense of presence. With greater presence it is easier to become more aware, even with a nearly asleep body. With greater feeling, one can better perceive and appreciate how their profoundly relaxed body feels. These benefits aid the user in consciously recognizing what this profoundly relaxed state of being feels like so that they are able to reproduce it at will.

Relaxation Therapy for caregivers and patients alike

This technology is not just for the patient/client.

Caregivers and their staffs are becoming just as stressed as their patients these days, being overworked and underappreciated. Increasingly we are seeing more SolTec Lounges appearing in hospitals, counselling departments, businesses and in use with clergy and other caring professionals in an effort to better handle the increasing demands of daily life. After experiencing profound levels of stress reduction one truly prepared and better motivated to offer and teach it to others.

Our Goal is to help you to Meditate with ease

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