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“Thank you very much for purchasing the SolTec® Lounge. My dream, since adolescence, was to understand the mind/brain relationship and determine for myself if my mind was more than just the workings of my brain. I wanted to know if we indeed did have a spiritual aspect to ourselves or what some would call a higher mind. I became a meditator early on without success after years of meditation. I also went to medical school and ultimately became a neurologist, again in the hope of furthering my understanding. It was only after developing and using the technology in the SolTec Lounge that I found what I was looking for.

Many people purchase the SolTec Lounge for stress reduction or to solve a medical or emotional issue. I think those folks have made a wise choice and if they use the lounge regularly they are very likely to be successful. I tell them, when they do a session, the fastest way to heal is to simply let go. They ask, “Let go of what?” My response is, “Let go of everything you think you know and believe, everything in your head and simply feel your body. Whenever a thought comes to mind, stop and direct your attention to your body and just feel with an open mind and an open heart.” If you do this one simple thing every time you do a session you will make excellent progress. I wish you well on your journey and I hope you find what you are looking for.”

Dr. Dan Cohen

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