I’m so much wiser when I don’t think. Why is that?

I used to pride myself on my ability to logically think and deduce the correct answer. People considered me smart and generally followed my advice. I was respected, which caused me to feel good about myself. I developed greater confidence in my abilities and over time, a greater degree of arrogance. Being correct, in the mind of my ego, justified my arrogance and allowed me to maintain my confident ways.

During this process something very sinister was happening below my conscious awareness – my need to be perceived as being right was becoming more important than actually being right. Subconsciously, I was less interested in the truth and more interested in maintaining my status as being smart. That status was dependent upon my ability to appear confident. Appearing confident meant that I could not allow any doubts to creep in.

That’s the problem. Having doubt is a feeling. I wasn’t allowing myself to feel doubt. I was shutting down my feeling nature to avoid feeling doubt. As I shut down my feeling nature my decisions and answers became less correct. What had gone wrong?

Knowing the right answer isn’t derived from thought. Knowing is a felt sense. Everyone has had a gut feel or a hunch which proved to be more correct than a logically deduced answer. Where does that come from? It’s not a brain function even though the right answer ultimately finds its way to the brain. In fact, because the right answer is communicated to and then from the brain, we are predisposed to believe that it is created there, especially if our ego wishes to be perceived as smart.

What I had been doing early on, that had been working for me, was to think and then to check in on my feelings about my thoughts. My feeling nature was engaged during the entire thought process so that it was subtly influencing my thought patterns. When I shut down my feeling nature to prevent doubts from creeping in, I lost that subtle influence and my decisions were no longer being informed by that wisdom. This is the problem that so called left-brained, linear thinkers have – all thought, no feeling and often as a result, too little wisdom.

What is wisdom and where does it come from? Wisdom comes from our higher self. I honestly don’t know how it comes into play, but if I were to guess, I would guess that it influences our more emotionally-based chakras and etheric bodies, which then affect mainly the right side of our brain, which then interacts with our more linear thought processes to produce a wiser decision. So what, who cares how it actually works. We’ll leave that to the researchers.

The important question is; how do I get more of that wisdom? The answer is simple – surrender your ego, feel more, and allow more of your spiritual self to operate throughout all of your physical, emotional and mental being. Intend for that to be how you operate in the world and let it happen. If you make this your way of being, over time you will find that you don’t need to think at all. Ultimately, wisdom is derived from the Infinite. Be the Infinite.